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6 Weird Facts About Mouths

June 7, 2018

Strange Facts About Mouths, Richmond VA Dentist

If you think about it, your mouth is both a wonderful and strange thing. Your mouth is how you’re able to get your

body the minerals, fuel, nutrients and hydration it needs to function properly. Your mouth enables you to taste distinct flavors of food and to communicate through speech. The mouth is also essential for life in the form of aiding the breathing process. Finally, without your mouth, you wouldn’t have that beautiful, unique smile. 

As marvelous and amazing as the mouth is, it is also odd and weird.

Your Saliva Digests Food and Your Body

Saliva is your body’s built-in mouthwash, containing a sticky wad of the enzyme amylase. This enzyme breaks down carbohydrates in the food we eat. Surprisingly, some parts of our bodies and organs also contain carbohydrates in some chemical form to function.  If you’re not careful, your saliva can slowly eat away your body.

Your Mouth Has Two of the Strongest Parts in the Body

Your mouth may be small, but it is sure mighty thanks to your teeth and tongue. The enamel of your teeth, which makes up the hard, outer layer of the tooth is one of the hardest substances in your body. Your tongue, while not hard, has power of its own. The tongue is a collection of five powerful muscles and is considered to be the strongest muscle in the body relative to its small size. This unique set of muscles are the only muscles in the body that are attached at only one end.

You Have a Dirty Mouth

While you may think all that brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash gives you a sparkly clean mouth, you might want to think again. Your mouth is home to around 20 million microscopic bacteria, more than the number of people in the US, making the mouth one of the dirtiest parts of your body. In fact, the mouth is only behind the genital and intestinal tracts, where your pee and poop come out.

However, not all these germs are bad. Many of the germs in your mouth are good bacteria that fight disease and prevent infections.

Romantic Partners Share Mouth Bacteria

Each time you kiss your significant other on the lips, you’re both transferring up to 80 million bacteria amongst each other. If you kiss your partner regularly, studies have shown that the two of you will develop similar types of mouth bacteria.

Your Saliva is Actually Filtered Blood

Other than water, blood is the main fluid in our bodies. Blood is needed to keep us alive by keeping our organs functioning properly. Glands located in the face filter blood plasma (the liquid portion of blood) which is then turned into saliva with the help of saliva glands. Specialized cells in the saliva gland reabsorb some parts of the plasma while letting the other plasma elements continue through various mucous glands to produce the final product of saliva.

Your Lips Are Unique, Literally

Have you ever wondered why your lips are always the first to dry after a swim or a shower? This is because lips are the only part of our skin that doesn’t have sweat glands. Your lips are also different from the rest of your skin in that they only have two layers, not three.

The mouth is a strange, yet miraculous part of the body. It enables us to do the basic, necessary things like eating, breathing and speaking. The importance of the mouth makes its care paramount in maintaining its proper function.

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