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Comprehensive Dentistry

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A Comprehensive Approach

There are many aspects to maintaining and improving your smile. At Parham Dental Group, we understand and have experience in all the various areas of dentistry that play a part in good oral health. We offer preventative dentistry to help patients take proactive measures to prevent or reduce the occurrence of future dental health issues. Our patients who have oral health issues can expect high-quality restorative dentistry done by friendly, knowledgeable dental staff. We also offer a range of cosmetic dental procedures for patients who want a beautiful smile that matches the excellent health of their teeth and gums.

Our comprehensive dentistry offerings in Richmond make it convenient for our patients and their families to get the dental care they need by having multiple dental services all under one roof. No more going to one place for your child’s routine teeth cleaning and another for your professional teeth whitening. It’s all here with one dentist in Richmond, VA

Regardless of whether you’re seeking preventative, restorative or cosmetic dental treatments, our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced dentist and hygienists take extreme care in preparing each patient for his or her procedure, ensure he or she is comfortable and relaxed during their procedure and promptly conduct any necessary follow-up. Each patient deserves the best dental treatment to maintain their beautiful, natural smile.

Preventative Family Dentistry

At Parham Dental Group, we work with patients of all ages so your family can get all their dental needs met all together in one place. Our friendly dentist and dental office staff have many years of experience working in pediatric dentistry and will do all they can to make your child’s visit pleasant and enjoyable.

Preventative dentistry is the first, and preferred line of defense against tooth decay (cavities) and gum disease. Our dental professionals will  educate patients, especially the young ones about proper oral hygiene in order to prevent cavities and gum disease. We encourage patients as young as two to begin getting regular dental treatment in the form of dental office visits every six months.

Restorative Dentistry

Patients who already have an oral health issue should come in and get treated by our staff as soon as possible to keep the problem from spreading or getting worse. Parham Dental Group offers a variety of restorative dental treatments from fillings and crowns to implants to root canals to full mouth restoration. Regardless of what your smile needs in order to be brought back to its former beauty and health, our professional staff is dedicated to giving you the best and most comfortable treatment possible.