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New Year, New Smile

March 26, 2019

Well, it’s a new year and for many of us, that means making resolutions and committing to making a positive change in our lives for the year ahead. The bad habits of last year are gone and this year we’re going to be happier, healthier and smarter.

While dieting, traveling, learning and bettering relationships may be some of the first things to come into your mind when looking for ways to make 2019 better than 2018, maybe you should consider restoring your smile.

Your smile is unique and it has more influence over your happiness and wellbeing than you may expect.

Diet and exercise are common new year’s resolutions for many people because they want to not only improve their health, but to also look great. A great-looking, healthy body boosts one’s self-esteem, confidence and energy and good health also can help improve one’s mood. Just like a healthy, beautiful body, as smile can also improve one’s health, happiness, confidence and mood. Additionally, achieving that beautiful, properly-functioning smile can be achieved at any age with some care and attention.

Like getting that perfect body, a full, new smile won’t happen over-night.

Despite all the advancements in dental technology, some patients may feel that their ruined or damaged smiles are too far beyond saving and restoring. At Parham Dental Group, we have seen teeth and gums in a variety of conditions. We highly encourage patients to practice good at-home oral hygiene habits and to schedule regular appointments every six months as ways to prevent a less-than-ideal looking smile. As dentists we seek preventative dentistry before undertaking restorative dental measures.

Preventative Dentistry vs. Restorative Dentistry
Preventative dental care involves taking care of one’s teeth and gums through teeth brushing, flossing, drinking plenty of water, watching what one eats and drinks and getting six month oral check-ups and deep teeth cleaning at the dental office. The sooner these habits begin, the healthier and stronger the teeth and gums will be and the more resistant they will be to decay and disease.
It can be difficult to perfectly do all the things to help one’s mouth be white and healthy. Even then, there is no guarantee that your efforts will completely prevent oral health issues. Because of this, most patients require restorative dentistry to resurrect their worn, unhealthy smiles.

Just as preventative dentistry aims at preventing oral health issues like gum disease and tooth decay from occurring, restorative dentistry involves different procedures to treat oral issues that have arose and to bring the patient’s smile back to its former healthy, properly-functioning condition.

Common Restorative Dental Procedures

Restorative dentistry is all about restoring the proper functioning of a patient’s smile. Patients who want to whiten their smiles or achieve smooth proportional-looking teeth or correct the appearance of their gums would be better served by consulting a cosmetic dentist. For some patients, restorative dental procedures can also improve the appearance and aesthetics of their smile.
A few of the most common restorative dental procedures include:
• Fillings
• Crowns
• Onlays and Inlays
• Dentures
• Bridges
• Implants

The Benefits of a Restored Smile
As mentioned earlier, a great-looking smile does more than enhance one’s appearance. The following are added benefits of a restored smile:
• Regained confidence
• Improved self-esteem
• A better, happier mood
• Better relationships (people will want to be around a happy, kind person like you)
• Reduced stress and lower risk of cardiovascular issues associated with stress

While making the resolution to be a healthier, don’t forget to include the health of your teeth and gums. Restorative dentistry not only will bring back the proper functioning of your smile, but it can improve its look, increase your confidence and happiness, improve your relationships and possibly better your overall health. If you’re tired of hiding your smile or dealing with the discomfort or embarrassment of not being able to chew properly or speak clearly, contact us today to schedule an appointment and our restorative dentists will be happy to bring back your lost smile.

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