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Spruce Up Your Smile For Spring

May 30, 2018

Get a bright spring smile at Parham Dental Group, Richmond VA Dentist

Spring is in the air and summer is rolling in, meaning it’s time to symbolically get rid of the old and usher in the new.

As a way to embody your excitement from leaving the cold, dreary days of winter behind, you may have been cleaning and updating things like your home décor and wardrobe. You may have even changed your hairstyle to get a new spring look.

What about your smile?

A fresh, bright, vibrant smile can also yield a significant makeover for spring.

You’re just in time to end spring with a bang and welcome in summer. You’ll have extra confidence as you venture out on vacations, at the beach or the pool, and anywhere else your summer takes you.

How do you get that vibrant, bright, white smile?

A beautiful smile is the result of a healthy smile.

A fast-track way to spruce up your smile for spring is to get the health of your smile into tip-top shape.

The basic, fundamental way to maintain or improve your oral health is to have a strong, at-home oral hygiene routine. Daily brushing and flossing is a great way to reduce the buildup of cavity and gum disease causing plaque.

As effective as proper, daily at-home oral hygiene is, it is only a part of what needs to be done to ensure a healthy, bright mouth.

The other part of the equation is having regular oral checkups and dental cleanings at the dental office. We recommend that patients come in every six months for these checkups and cleanings. Our professional, in-office cleaning is more thorough than what our patients could ever accomplish at home.

Our dental professionals will also examine your mouth, checking for any overlooked, underlying oral health conditions that can be serious. With the frequent, regular checkups, we’ll be able to catch possible oral health issues early and stop and/or reverse them with immediate, proactive treatment.

While a healthy mouth will naturally brighten your teeth, you may have stubborn stains that keep your smile from being as white as you’d like.

This is where cosmetic dentistry can help.

At Parham Dental Group, our patients don’t need to go to multiple dental offices to have their restorative and cosmetic dental procedures done because we do both right here in our office.

We offer patients a variety of cosmetic dental procedures for patients who want extra help in brightening their smiles. These services include effective, convenient teeth cleaning, porcelain veneers, dental bonding and tooth-like, ceramic crowns.

Teeth Whitening

You can get the outstanding Zoom teeth whitening procedure in Richmond, right here in the office, and you’ll be able to see immediate results. You also have the option to be sent home with your own Opalescence gel and trays so you can whiten your teeth from the privacy of your own home.

When used over a longer period of time, you can achieve the tooth shade you’ve always wanted.


At Parham Dental, we offer patients two types of veneers in Richmond, VA: traditional, layered veneers and e max veneers. Our traditional veneers are thin, porcelain shells that are bonded to the teeth. E. max veneers have thinner shells made of glass and ceramic.

Both types of veneers can repair severely stained, rough, cracked and chipped teeth, transforming them into whiter, better shaped teeth that will whiten and enhance your smile.


Cracks and other blemishes on the teeth can easily take away from your smile’s bright look. Our dental bonding is durable, smooth and tooth-colored, effectively covering up those stubborn, tooth discoloration spots.


Maybe your teeth are discolored because they are damaged from decay or trauma. Damaged tooth enamel can allow germs, bacteria and plaque to grow and discolor teeth.

A tooth may be too damaged for fillings and will need to be covered and protected by a dental crown. Our ceramic dental crowns are custom-made by a professional ceramist, ensuring the right size, shape and fit for the individual patient.

These crowns have the look and feel of natural teeth, so your smile can look full, beautiful and bright.

Whether you haven’t seen a dentist in a while or you’re looking for extra help to brighten and whiten your smile, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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