Parham Dental Testimonials |
3312 N. Parham Road Richmond, VA 23294


“Consider their Invisalign treatment”

“I would encourage anyone who is interested in straightening their teeth to consider Invisalign treatment. One of the many benefits of doing my ortho treatment in house at Parham Dental Group, is not having to go to a different doctors office for your visits.”

-Kathy M. 5/23/18


“I feel like I have new teeth!”

“I was very fortunate to win a free teeth whitening from Dr White’s office.  I CANNOT believe the results.  I feel like I have new teeth!!!!  Everyone in the office is wonderful. Christine, the woman who did the procedure, put me at ease and did an incredible job.  Look out 60, I’m ready with my new teeth!!!!!! Thank you soooo very much.”

-Ellen C. 5/30/18


“Everyone is so warm and welcoming”

 “I recently had the Zoom teeth whitening procedure done by Christine and could not be happier with my results, she’s great! Also, I just love what Dr. Whyte has done with the office. I really like the music they play, the overall atmosphere is just great, you almost forget you’re at a dental office because everyone is so warm and welcoming.”

-Daphne L. 5/30/18


“He explained every step of the process”

“I must admit I was a little leery after Dr. Spitzer retired but Dr. Whyte and his assistant, Jeany, were amazing in completing my root canal. He was warm, friendly, professional and explained every step of the process. I am more than impressed and very happy.”

-M.D Reid, 6/6/18


“Dr. Whyte and his staff were fantastic.”

“I was a little nervous going into the root canal. Dr Whyte and his staff were fantastic. Not only was everything explained each step of the way, but the process was relatively pain free and hassle free. If I had to go through this again, I know I would be in good hands.”

-Calvin G. 6/6/18


“I was able to relax and enjoy the experience.”

“The zoom whitening procedure was a really straightforward and easy way to achieve the smile I have always wanted. Christine was helpful and explained the process to me step by step. I was able to relax in the chair and I enjoyed this experience. Thank You!”

-Erica B. 6/13/18


“He won my trust.”

“I grew up coming here to see Dr. Spitzer so getting a new dentist was scary but I had a filling done by Dr. Whyte and I was shocked! He is like a novocaine ninja! He was able to numb my tooth only, instead of the the entire side of my face. He has skills! He won my trust and it’s comforting to know that any future dental procedures will be a lot less annoying now. Good pick, Dr. Spitzer!”

-Lauren S. 7/10/18


“Their warm and inviting personalities made me feel like they care and want what’s best for my smile.”

“I hadn’t been to a dentist in over 20 years. I found Dr. Whyte’s office and came to get my teeth cleaned. My teeth were almost perfect but after 20 years without care I needed a little maintenance. What started as a filling turned into a root canal for one angry tooth. Through it all Dr. Whyte and his assistants, Jeany and Hayat, kept me laughing, even when the pain wasn’t anything to laugh about. Their warm and inviting personalities really made me feel like they care and want what’s best for my smile.”

-Ashley B. 7/10/18